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The Measure of a Christian Community

Pope at Mass: The measure of a Christian community In his homily at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta Tuesday, Pope Francis focused on “the three characteristics” of this group, capable of full agreement inside the community, to bear witness of Christ to the outside world, to prevent any of its members from suffering and…

We Are Afraid of Joy

Pope Francis: There are “bat-like Christians” who prefer the shadows to the light of the Lord  Pope Francis said there are Christians who are afraid of the joy of Christ’s resurrection and who instead prefer sadness and staying in the shadows just like bats. The importance of Christians being joyful, rather than sad or fearful,…

“Where is my Heart this Holy Week?” asks Pope Francis

PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION ST PETER’S SQUARE 13 APRIL 2014 This week begins with the festive procession with olive branches: all the people welcome Jesus. The children, the young people sing, praising Jesus. But this week proceeds into the mystery of Jesus’ death and his resurrection. We’ve heard the Passion of the Lord….