What is Prayer

What is prayer?

Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God. Christian prayer is the personal and living relationship of the children of God with their Father Who is infinitely good, with His Son Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit Who dwells in their hearts.


What does Jesus teach us about praying?

Jesus teaches us to pray by instructing us to pray the Our Father. In this way He shows us, in addition to the content of prayer, the dispositions necessary for every true prayer:

  • Purity of heart that seeks the Kingdom of God and forgives one’s enemies
  • Bold and filial faith that goes beyond what we feel and understand
  • Watchfulness that protects us from temptation


What are some of the forms of Christian prayer?

Adoration, praise, thanksgiving, petition and intercession. The Holy Eucharist contains and expresses all the forms of prayer.

The prayer of petition can be a petition for pardon or it can be a trusting petition for all our needs both spiritual and temporal.

Intercession consists in asking on behalf of another. It conforms us and unites us to the prayer of Jesus who intercedes with the Father for all, especially sinners.


How can I submit my prayer request to the Sisters of Jesus Our Hope through this web-site and have my prayer intention included in their daily intercessions?

Follow the directions provided below for submitting a prayer request. Prayer intentions submitted to us are placed in a prayer basket in front of the tabernacle in our convent chapel. We include these intercessions each day during Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer from the Divine Office. We also pray for the spiritual and temporal needs of those submitting these prayer intentions.

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